Friday, December 15, 2006

My Barbarian: Mythologic Mass

My Barbarian is playing at Safari Sam's December 18th at 8pm. So if you are in Hollywood this Sunday, and you want to expand your perception of life on earth, and cross spiritual borders to the soothing sounds of Jefferson's Airplane crashing into Led Zepplin's tour bus outside a playhouse in Middle Earth, then check out the massively fabulous My Barbarian!

8:00 pm Sunday, December 17, 2006
Safari Sam's
5214 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90027
(323) 666-7267
How much:

My Barbarian Website
My Barbarian @ MySpace

Ugly Betty Golden Globe nominations

Ugly Betty received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Musical or Comedy TV Series, and Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy TV Series for America Ferrera. The breakout show was consistently around second in ratings this season, only falling below 12 million once. December has seen a flood of exciting news about the show. Betty took the award for Best New Series at the Family Television Awards earlier this month, as well as four nominations for the Satellite Awards on December 17th. One nomination for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical, Vanessa Williams for Supporting Actress, Tony Plana for Supporting Actor and America Ferrera for Best Actress in a Series. Rebecca Rominjn is joining the cast in Febuary during sweeps, and Betty's other love interest Henry, played by Christopher Gorham, is slated to return in the second half of season 1, and possibly in Season 2. The next episode entitled "Swag" airs January 4th, 2007.

Golden Globe Nominations @EW

"Swag" Promo

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New Grindhouse pics

Entertainment Weekly posted five new pictures from Grindhouse. The first three of the car and Kurt Russell are from Quentin's movie "Death Proof," 1/2 of the Grindhouse double-feature. "Planet Terror" being the second. Kurt Russell plays Stuntman Mike, a psychotic stunt man who slashes up beautiful women and runs them down in his hotrod. The other pictures are from Planet Terror, and feature Rose McGowen, Freddy Rodriguez, Marley Shelton and Naveen Andrews. This group of M-16 packing zombie hunters means business.... I would stay out of their way! Grindhouse is scheduled to come out in April 2007.

Pictures @ Entertainment Weekly

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sega revives Alien video game franchise!

Photo: Sega "Alien 3: The Gun" (1993 Arcade) via Wikipedia

GameDaily Biz reports that Sega is developing two Alien games for release by the end of the decade. One game will be a FPS and the other will be an RPG. Both will feature stories and characters from the films. Sega is currently in talks with Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henriksen about voice acting in the games. Sega's license for the franchise only covers the main Alien storyline in the first four films, not the recent Alien vs Predator movie storyline, which also has a sequel in the works. From the article:
"Our number one goal is to deliver the best Alien game experience ever," said Mike Gallo, senior producer of the Alien games at Sega of America. "That means delivering on the core elements of the Alien franchise - intense horror, intense action, and intense characters."

"There hasn't been a game set in the Alien universe in several years, and no one's had the chance to develop one on next gen consoles and PCs," said Gallo. "We're going to utilize all the technology that's available to us, creating visuals and effects that have previously only been possible in the Alien movies. Even the style of games that we're building is unprecedented - there has never been an Alien RPG."

Article @ GameDaily Biz

Crackdown creator gets $31 million for Real Time Worlds

Real Time Worlds, founded by David Jones, creator of GTA and Lemmings, aquired $31 million last week from the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates. Their first game, called Crackdown, comes out in Febuary of next Year, while APB's (All Points Bulletin) release date is as of yet unknown.

Both games seem to emulate the GTA franchise, but target different markets. Crackdown is a single and co-op player, sci-fi themed free roamer, being published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox 360. APB is a multi-player, gang based free roamer for the PC and Xbox 360, being published through the popular Korean MMO site Webzen, which hosts other games like MU, Soul of the Ultimate Nation and the upcoming Huxley.

Article @ GameDaily Biz
Crackdown @ IGN
Crackdown @ Gamespot
A.P.B. (PC) @ IGN
A.P.B. (360) @ IGN
A.P.B. (PC) @ Gamespot
A.P.B. (360) @ Gamespot

Sunday, December 10, 2006


“Grindhouse” is the newest Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez double-sized adventure into the sleazy and ghastly genre of Grind House Cinema. After a few delays, it is scheduled to come out on April 6, 2007 in the U.S. Grindhouse will be comprised of two movies, and each director, a legend in their own right, will be directing a 60 minute film. In addition, there will be an intermission packed with faux trailers, also directed by the two, and featuring their own grab bag of A-list and cult celebrities alike.

Quentin's film “Death Proof,” is looking like one part slasher film, and one part Death Race 2000 (Death Race 3000 comes out in 2008!) Besides cast members like Kurt Russel, Rosario Dawson, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and others, we know little about the story itself. The only other buzz about it is that Mickey Rourke was originally cast for Kurt Russel's part, but has remained silent about why he is no longer working on the picture.

Robert Rodriguez's film “Planet Terror,” is a blood-spattering zombie movie. This is the film we have seen the most of this far. Speculating about the trailer that was shown on SpikeTV's 2006 Scream Awards, Rose McGowan plays a stripper kidnapped by a black-ops government program that wants to replace a seductive, but agile, female operative's leg with a grenade launching M-16! Planet Terror is also sporting a host of name celebrities like Lost's Naveen Andrews, Black Eyed Pea's Fergie, Six Feet Under's Freddy Rodriguez, star of films like Pleasantville and Sin City- Marley Shelton and more.

In July of this year, Quentin, Robert and the film's female cast spoke about the film in a panel at the San Diego Comic Con. Video clips of the panel are available at Then, in October, the girls of Grind house- Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan and Marley Shelton, all hosted the 2006 Scream Awards on Spike TV. The first trailer for Grind house appeared at the Scream Awards and chaos ensued! Shortly after the trailer leaked onto the Internet, and generated the next phase of excitement from fans, the fake Machete segment put actor Danny Trejo in the spotlight for a change. Trejo, who has a career of over twenty years and 130 roles in t.v. and movies, finally gained a few more points in cult status. Not that he needs it, he was in at least 10 films last year alone, and has a slew of other projects including a few leading roles, producing and documentaries. Not bad for an ex-con!

Since then, the only news has been Black Eyed Peas first lady Fergie joining the cast of Planet Terror, and some buzz for actor Freddy Rodriguez of Six Feet Under and Bobby, also starring in Planet Terror. Entertainment Weekly also released 5 pictures of the film. Assuming Grind House stays on schedule, there should be a torrent of official news and promotions shortly after the new year, and we'll be dissecting every crumb for details so you are the first to know!

Tarantino, Rodriquez and some cast at San Diego Comic Con July, 2006 (four clips) @ifilm
Grindhouse Trailer from 2006 Scream Awards @ Youtube
Interview with Danny Trejo @
Grindhouse Images @ Entertainment Weekly

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back From Traveling The Universe!

After cruising around the galaxies looking for signs of intelligent life, and good parties, I decided to return to Earth. Unfortunately, my interstellar communication device could not penetrate certain radiation clouds and pockets of highly exotic particles, robbing me of the ability to contribute to Chormatophilms!

But no more! I plan to redesign, resume posting and actively list it on other blog sites.

Next up..... GRINDHOUSE! I will be rounding up all the news and multimedia from Grindhouse for one last blood-feast before the New Year.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Creator: tminus
Music: Squarepusher "Steinbolt"
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PS2
Download: Steinbolt [WMV 47.19 MB]
Download: Steinbolt [WMV 9.43 MB]
Cheats: "Armor/Health/Money," "Recruit Gang Members," ARMax- bike colors only. No bike physics mods!

Here is a video of mostly NRG stunts in GTA. I took too long, way too long too make some vids and with some gentle nudging from §ynch I just decided to get something out that is halfway decent. This is only 4 minutes of the 30 or so hours of footage I have so there is more to come. It built up because of capturing problems, which hasn't been completely solved but should be shortly. Thanks to §ynch, GTAD and everyone at GTADomain.

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Cosmic Jellyfish" Photo Of The Cartwheel Galaxy

Photo: Chandra/GALEX/Hubble/Spitzer
The Cartwheel Galaxy nicknamed "Cosmic Jellyfish" by NS is estimated at 2.5 times the size of the Milky Way. The picture is a multi-wavelength composite image taken from four space telescopes, the Chandra, the GALEX, the Hubble and the Spitzer. Now thats teamwork!


A cosmic jellyfish appears to pulse with light in this multi-wavelength image of the Cartwheel galaxy, compiled from images taken by four space telescopes.

The galaxy probably came by its distinctive shape when a small galaxy – possibly one of the objects at bottom-left of the image – collided with it head-on 100 million years ago. The crash set off ripples in the large galaxy's gas that led to concentric rings of star birth.
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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Photo: Stardust@home
bwo: Boing-Boing

From Stardust@home:
"In January 2004, the Stardust spacecraft flew through the coma of comet Wild2 and captured thousands of cometary dust grains in special aerogel collectors. Two years later, in January 2006, Stardust will return these dust grains --- the first sample return from a solid solar-system body beyond the Moon --- to Earth. But Stardust carries an equally important payload on the opposite side of the cometary collector: the first samples of contemporary interstellar dust ever collected. As well as being the first mission to return samples from a comet, Stardust is the first sample return mission from the Galaxy. But finding the incredibly tiny interstellar dust impacts in the Stardust Interstellar Dust Collector (SIDC) will be extremely difficult."

I applied but have yet to hear anything back. If I hear something back I plan on logging my work here on Chromatophilms including the application process, testing and the work. It is the chance of a lifetime for me... an artist by design, but a scientist at heart! At best I could be listed in a scientific paper as a co-author. That is "the business!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Love's Secret Domain

bwo Grow-A-Brain
Hanan has a nice post up on his blog celebrating the birthday of Albert Hofmann with a link to a Russian L.S.D. video cache (Oleg,Oleg2,Oleg3) featuring LSD pioneers Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary. Other videos include Terence McKenna, Carl Jung, Lquid Crystal Vision, Ram Dass, "LSD: Trip or Trap (1968)," and Space Ghost feat. Timothy Leary.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Star Wars: Empire At War

Photo: Lucasarts, Gamespot
The official site for Empire At War has been updated with new images and videos of different features in the game as well as a great new trailer. I recommend the Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Rancor, Sarlaac Pit and Fleets videos. However, none of the space related videos in the Fleets section elude to the control mechanics of space battles. I am assuming it will still function on a horizontal plane like the ground battles instead of in true 3D space like Homeworld. If you are not familiar with Empire At War it is a RTS game for PC set to be released on Febuary 16, 2006. It will be unlike its SW based predecessor SW Battlegrounds. SWEAW will have a 3D camera instead of the traditional isometric view in SW Battlegrounds and will also take place in space and on the ground.

Clerks 2 Teaser!

Photo: View Askew
I told you Kevin loves us! The teaser is a full two minutes but it is mostly a musical montage set to Anthrax's "Among The Living." To quote Kevin "I give you a whiff of Clerks 2..." and if F-N rocks hard! Also, Clerks 2 is set for August 2006, not Spring 2006 as I reported before. Maybe we'll reach a hundred Train Wreck vids before the movie opens!
Clerks 2 Teaser MOV Large
Clerks 2 Teaser MOV Small
Clerks 2 website

"Earthquake" Train Wreck: The Making Of Clerks 2 Ep.#40

Photo: View Askew
New Train Wreck video up on the Clerks 2 website. This one features comedian Earthquake on the set for his cameo with Wanda Sykes.
video MOV 23MB

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"Mewes Cam" Train Wreck: The Making Of Clerks 2 Episode #39

They gave Jason a camera so we get to see all the bad business checks (chicks) on the set of Clerks 2. Collect all 39 videos, when you get the 40th... you win! No prizes, just love from Kevin Smith, which is priceless. =) video MOV 37MB video MOV 13MB