Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sega revives Alien video game franchise!

Photo: Sega "Alien 3: The Gun" (1993 Arcade) via Wikipedia

GameDaily Biz reports that Sega is developing two Alien games for release by the end of the decade. One game will be a FPS and the other will be an RPG. Both will feature stories and characters from the films. Sega is currently in talks with Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henriksen about voice acting in the games. Sega's license for the franchise only covers the main Alien storyline in the first four films, not the recent Alien vs Predator movie storyline, which also has a sequel in the works. From the article:
"Our number one goal is to deliver the best Alien game experience ever," said Mike Gallo, senior producer of the Alien games at Sega of America. "That means delivering on the core elements of the Alien franchise - intense horror, intense action, and intense characters."

"There hasn't been a game set in the Alien universe in several years, and no one's had the chance to develop one on next gen consoles and PCs," said Gallo. "We're going to utilize all the technology that's available to us, creating visuals and effects that have previously only been possible in the Alien movies. Even the style of games that we're building is unprecedented - there has never been an Alien RPG."

Article @ GameDaily Biz

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