Saturday, January 21, 2006


Creator: tminus
Music: Squarepusher "Steinbolt"
Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PS2
Download: Steinbolt [WMV 47.19 MB]
Download: Steinbolt [WMV 9.43 MB]
Cheats: "Armor/Health/Money," "Recruit Gang Members," ARMax- bike colors only. No bike physics mods!

Here is a video of mostly NRG stunts in GTA. I took too long, way too long too make some vids and with some gentle nudging from §ynch I just decided to get something out that is halfway decent. This is only 4 minutes of the 30 or so hours of footage I have so there is more to come. It built up because of capturing problems, which hasn't been completely solved but should be shortly. Thanks to §ynch, GTAD and everyone at GTADomain.

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