Monday, January 02, 2006

Some Files Down... BE MY HOST!

All of the Chromedia videos are down except "Darkside." I am currently looking for a permanant host for LMIS. So if you have your own site with space for LMIS videos past and future and you would like to host them let me know. I am currently on a new computer so I am working on my editing process, but a new LMIS featuring three months of sci-footie and a real GTA stunt video are being worked on. Stay tuned.

*-I could repost the LMIS vids and Orientation but Darkside is the only one that has been downloaded enough to warrant it. So, if you want to see them post a comment to this post or email me: chromatophilms at gmail dot com. I can send them one at a time to your email or post them back at savefile. =)

EDIT- Ok, all the Chromedia links on the sidebar work now, but all except for darkside are links to pages where you can download from. The links in my earlier posts do not work, so just use the sidebar.

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