Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Barbarian... MINE!

Photo:Wendy Lynch/My Barbarian
In the future, our progeny will fiercly edit humanity's DNA until all originality has been wiped from the windshield of the universe. The last surviving pure gene will reside inside a mad scientist with wings and a lava lamp for a heart (just like everyone else.) In what will be the crescendo to a symphony of mediocre advancements, he will extract the gene, ending the last bit of human originality, and simultaneously send it back through time to Frisco in the 60's.
A node of immense power was created and continued to grow for decades inside an orchid. It was closely guarded by a broken mirror until the flower exploded with trillions of spores. The spores quickly gathered up themselves and coalesqued into a musical entity in L.A., one part Jefferson Airplane, two parts Deities & Demigods and one part comet dust from the future, known as My Barbarian! Get their CD at . The site has a multitude of downloadable media including videos (although you may have codec problems with some videos) and songs from their album Cloven Soft Shoe. Here are the links for Unicorns L.A. and Ryan (Police Psychic):
My Barbarian "Unicorns L.A." [MOV HiRes]
My Barbarian "Unicorns L.A." [MOV LoRes]
My Barbarian "Ryan (Police Psychic)" [MP3]
They have been around for five years and most their most recent media is at least a year old but still wonderful. Love them, email them and tell them you love them.

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