Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last Month In Science Issue 1 (August 2005)

This is the beginning of the LMIS series. One day while listening to Luke Vibert's "Fused Into Music" and watching the "Robot regains it's feet" clip in Issue 1, I just started editing it together to alleviate frustration from another project and LMIS was born. At present I am working on my friend's system which is plagued with problems, so Issue 1 and 2 are not precisely what I wanted but in the interest of getting them out quickly I had to overcome my perfectionist nature to get them out there. If they generate some interest and I get a good system I may go back to re-edit them. My friend §ynch said "it is a great piece of industrial art" and that is my interest in it as well. The LMIS Readme file below contains links and part of the articles for each clip in the video. Enjoy!
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Last Month In Science Issue 1 (August 2005) [WMV 9.44MB]

LMIS Issue 1 Readme [TXT]

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